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Our Story

"Over a bowl of steaming edamame beans, on a cold winter’s day in Chelsea, Belinda and I mourned the fact that in all our years of looking, we had still not found the perfect navy blue cashmere sweater"

Our Purpose

We are a small but perfectly-formed London-based company whose aim and purpose is to provide our customers with luxury, limited edition knitwear made in Scotland. Our designs are born in London and then crafted in Hawick using only the best available fibres and yarns and years of artisanal know-how and workmanship. Our pieces are produced in limited production runs meaning that our focus is solely on style and quality and not on quantity.

The Beginning

This all started with the desire for the perfect navy blue cashmere sweater. In all our years of looking, we had never found one that was 100% right. While the retail offering of navy blue cashmere sweaters is dizzying, we wanted to find one that ticked three boxes:

  • It had to be stylish.
  • It had to be made in Scotland.
  • It had to be the best possible quality at the best possible price.

So, over a bowl of steaming beans in Chelsea last winter, we resolved to have a go ourselves…….11 months later, Edamame London was launched, with our first collection of Scottish cashmere and merino sweaters and scarves.

The Company

Edamame London is owned and managed by me, Susanna, the managing director and Belinda, the creative director. My background is in law in the City, but City culture was not sitting very easily with parenthood, so I resolved to do something entirely different. Belinda is a London College of Fashion design graduate whose background is in design and retail.

Together we decided that our skills could be complementary and that we could have a go at making this work. We are both passionate about quality, style and design in knitwear and we really wanted to try and do something where we could feel we were contributing in a good and sustainable way.

The Heritage

Our choice to manufacture in Scotland, and in the UK, is our commitment to try and contribute in a good and sustainable way. It wasn’t a hard choice to make, as we strongly believe that Scottish knitwear manufacturing is quite simply the best.

We currently use three mills in Hawick who all have a commitment to excellence and are investing in the next generation of knitwear producers. Between them, they have hundreds of years of knitwear experience, know-how and craftsmanship. We believe that it is this, together with an uncompromising choice of yarns and fibres which makes true luxury knitwear.

The Future

Sometimes we wake up on a grey winter’s morning needing colour or a humorous twist in our clothes, and at other times we want a luxurious and reliable, but super-stylish basic to complement a favourite skirt or pair of trousers.

We are also concerned to offer you customer service of the highest quality. If you are investing in a heritage piece of knitwear, frankly, you deserve it! We are not an on-demand, 24/7 operation; this is not our understanding of customer service, but you have our word that we will do our utmost to ensure you are proud to own an Edamame London piece.

Susanna & Belinda x