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Swing tags, garment labels and size tags: a labour of love (and labour)

Swing tags and garment labels are vital for a piece of knitwear to be offered for sale: you need to know who is selling it, where it was made (though not everybody tells you that, do they? Ahem), is it your size, how to look after it and more than that, what are you buying into beyond the sweater? What is the ethos behind it? No pressure then when it comes to the labelling! Swing tags and garment labels actually require a myriad number of decisions – colour of card, colour of text, colour of label, colour of woven text, size, font, embossed or printed, thickness , position of the text, logo, edge colour, type of ribbon, length of ribbon, modern pin or traditional-shaped pin, colour of pin, where to pin, size tabs and where to put them, woven labels, what material and on and on and on... Who ever knew?

And all these decisions need to convey the bones of a brand and the people who build it: a suggestion and a hint of the passion, labour and love that has gone into producing the piece they label and identify.

300+ emails and a good four months after the initial branding and design meeting: the swing tags and garment labels have been designed, ordered, produced and shipped to Scotland to be united with their knitwear. Yay!

Susanna & Belinda x

a) The final swing tag designs before they were sent off to the manufacturer. 

b) Collar Tag specs before production