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Edamame Is Born

Over a bowl of steaming edamame beans, on a cold winter’s day in Chelsea, Belinda and I mourned the fact that in all our years of looking, we had still not found the perfect navy blue cashmere sweater...

We struggled, even in London, to find knitwear that ticked all the boxes. Either it was the perfect style but lacked the provenance and quality. Or it was the perfect style and had excellent provenance, but was priced in a way that mostly reflected the label it bore and the mark-ups along the way... And then there was the mass-produced stuff lacking both provenance and styling, but cheaply priced and still marketed as “luxury”. How disappointing!

We thought it was time to take the matter into our own hands, so we did. 11 months later we are proud and excited to present edamamelondon: Scottish craftsmanship and provenance with a dash of London styling - leisurely elegance in limited edition knitwear - and, we hope, the perfect navy blue cashmere sweater...

This is, of course, just the beginning of the journey and over the next few months it will all be coming together; our first collection will launch before Christmas. We would love you to join us on the final stages of our journey, and if you follow closely, you might even be lucky enough to find your perfect navy blue cashmere sweater... before anyone else!

Susanna & Belinda